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The new MySGT portal works desktop and mobile browsers. Best viewed with Google Chrome browser.

Tracking shipments with GPS

Precise tracking of all shipments, Position on map of standstills in delivery and pickup. The data is available online minutes after the event.

Restful API

The new MySgt API is available to integrate with your application, giving a new level of symbiosis with your infrastructure.

New accessory services

New SGT accessory services now available online. New notifications of imminent pickup and delivery, special deliveries and more.

Enter shipments and pickups

Enter your shipments easily – individually or with XLS files. Print the parcel labels directly online in the format you prefer.

Dashboards and control

Keep an eye on the key values​of the service. Delivery volumes, expenditure, percentage of failed deliveries. Merge more customers under the control of a single administrator user.

Prepaid credit

With MySgt you can upload your prepaid credit directly online by credit card or bank transfer. Receive a single invoice simplifying administrative tasks.

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